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Speedy Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener

  • 【SAFETY & FAST】This chainsaw sharpening kit is easy to use and protect your hands from harm.Your hands don't need to touch the whetstone, just squeeze the chain saw, the chainsaw can be sharpened in seconds. The upgraded design provides a quickly and easily method of saw chain sharpening.
  • 【Intimate & Perfect Design】 - In order to suit different types of different hole chains, Sharpening chain saw is designed with two types of installation,Single hole installation mobile rivet for hole fixing,If it is double hole and no hole you can remove the sliding rivet,tighten the screw to install and use him
  • 【Quality Materials & General】 - Made of premium ABS plasticthis lightweight and durable chain saw blade is suitable for most Single hole, double hole, no hole, chains on the market(suitable for professional chainsaws, not suitable for oil chains)
  • 【Easy to Install and Use】 - The chain saw sharpening tool is installed in the sharpener and can be installed and used at any time so that your chain can be sharpened in a short time. Keep oil on the chain and rails to reduce friction and extend service life.
1 pcs with 5 stones
1 pcs Yellow
1 pcs Orange
1 pcs Red
1 pcs Green
5 stones